Oslo Place Setting - Matte Black

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Minimal and modern, matte black flatware will add instant cool to your table.  Place setting includes one salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, tablespoon, and one teaspoon each. 

Canvas Home was founded in 2008 by British designer Andrew Corrie to create things that live happily in city, country or beach home.  They strive to use sustainably sourced materials like reclaimed wood and recycled glass and work with artisans in developing countries and at home here in the US. 

- Salad Fork: 7.25"l x 0.75"w
- Dinner Fork: 8.25"l x 1.0"w
- Dinner Knife: 9.0"l  x 0.7"w
- Tablespoon: 8.25"l x 1.75"w
- Teaspoon: 5.75"l x 1.1"w

- Stainless Steel (18/10) with black titanium plating.

- Matte Black

- Rinse off all food particles immediately after use.

- Load knives together, handle-end down. Load forks and spoons separately from knives, handle-end down. Refrain from combining stainless steel flatware with other types of flatware and gold or silver plated items. Run dishwasher with mild dish-washing detergent. At completion of wash cycle, remove flatware immediately and dry with a soft cloth.  Do not leave cutlery to air dry or permanent spotting may occur. 

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