Narwhal Animal Pillow

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This handmade Narwhal animal pillow makes the best gift. The hand painted neutral canvas makes them the ideal candidate for unifying – and color coordinating – the spaces you share with your kid.

Imani Collective is a community of dreamers & shakers who aren’t afraid to ask “why not?”. Passionately pursuing a holistic approach to empowerment, they believe that once they we what we're made of, we can own what we’re made for. Convinced that we aren’t just better together — we’re our best together.

The Imani Collective now employs over fifty Kenyan men + women in Mtepeni Village and Mombasa, along with half a dozen women stateside.

- Sewn and screen printed by hand on natural canvas by local artisans.

- handmade in Kenya

- natural canvas

- 9" x 7.5"

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