Terracotta Faceted Vessel No. 6

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This geometric handmade vibrant unglazed terracotta planter is finished with a sprinkle of 22k gold luster accents. The planter features an unglazed interior with four drain holes perfect for plants and comes paired with a matching glazed drain plate.

The Object Enthusiast is a Kansas City ceramic artist whose work is coveted by all who know it. She describes her artwork, "My ceramic work is characterized by earthy imperfections, a range of shapes that emerge organically, and playful, irreplaceable patterns. I want my pots to be multi-functional; what one person uses as a planter another may use as a home for tiny treasures".

- Handmade Earthenware Ceramic Planter and Drain Plate

- Un-glazed terracotta and gold

- 7"H x 6.5" W

- Made in Kansas City, MO USA

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